September 15, 2017

[Must Read] Fruit of the human spirit | See

Gospel sermon
Love  is  the  first  fruit  of  the  human  spirit  when  you are  born-again.  It's  not  the  fruit  of  the  Holy  Spirit.  The translators  were  entirely  wrong  in  putting  a  capital  "S" in  Galatians 5:22. It refers to  the human spirit. Jesus  said,  "I  am  the  vine,  ye  are  the  branches" (John  15:5). Where does  the fruit grow? On  the  branches. Who are  the  branches?  The Holy  Spirit? No. We are. This  fruit  of  the  spirit  (Galatians  5:22)  is  fruit  that grows  in your  life because of  the Life of  Christ within. How  are  you  going  to  know  and  tell  that  you  are saved? "We  know  that  we  have  passed  from  death  unto life, because we love the  brethren" (I John 3:14). This  is  the  fruit  of  the  recreated,  born-again  human spirit  (Galatians  5:22-23).  You  can  take  each  fruit  of the  spirit  and  prove  by  the  Bible  that  if  you're  saved you  have  it.

For  instance,  one  is  peace.  Romans  5:1 says,   "Therefore  being  justified  by  faith,  we  have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." If  you  are  born-again,  this  Love  is  in  you.  You  may not  be  practicing  it.  But  it's  in  your  inward  man,  your spirit. If  you're  ever  going  to  grow  and  develop  out  of  the babyhood  state,  you  will  have  to  learn  to  feed  this Love  nature  on  the  Word  of  God,  and  exercise  this love  nature  in  the  arena  of  life.  Then  you  will  grow  in Love. You'll   not  do  it  any  other  way.  You  could  sit around  all  day  and  pray,  "God,  give  me  love.  God, help   me  love  my  brother.  God,  help  me  love  the world,"  and  it  wouldn't  do  any  more  good  than  to twiddle  your  thumbs  and  say,  "Twinkle,  twinkle,  little star; How  I  wonder  what you  are." But  when  you  recognize  the  Bible  teaches  that because  you  are  born  of  God  you  are  born  of  Love; that  you  are  made  a  partaker  of  the  divine  nature, God's   nature,  which  is  Love;  and  you  have  it,  a measure  of  it  at  least...and  then  you  get  ready  to  feed that  love  nature  on  the  Word  of  God,  and  to  put  it  into   will   begin  spiritual   development  and growth.
And  not  until. Love  is  absolutely  to  govern  the  heart  life  of  the Church. I CORINTHIANS 10:24 24  Let  no  man  seek  his  own,  but  every  man another's wealth  (or good). How  many  of  us  are  seeking  our  own  good?  Most of  us. When  love does  not  rule,  then  the motives of  life become  distorted;  conduct  becomes  abnormal,  and  the body  rules  the  spirit  causing  the  mind  to  be  brought into  captivity to  earthly  things.

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