September 08, 2017

7 important things a Christian should do everyday

As a Christian there we never want to create a list of what we should everyday to increase our spiritual life as believers.

In the other hand there are many things a Christian should do everyday in other to stay in faith. James 1:22.

What we do everyday defines our lifestyle and how we go about our daily activities, and defines our role as Christians.
These are few things a Christian should do in order to keep to faith.

  • Be thankful.                                                   Being thankful to God also a form of positive thinking, it forces you to think all good things God did in your life, rather than accumulating all the problems in your life. We need to be people of hope and the only way to do that is by being thankful, and that's an attitude developed by day to day basis. 
  • Pray.                                                                 This is something we should do as well. After all it's the Holy Spirit that protects us and equip us to go out in our daily activities and keep to faith.  If we don't do this often, our faith will soon become superficial. Our prayer time is our personal time with God. By connecting with God in this way our daily activities will be framed to our desire.
  • Read your Bible.                                            The only way to be clear to what we believe in is by studying the Bible. You should be purposeful about doing this each and everyday. As believers we should acknowledge that there are many doctrines and faith that exist throughout the faith. For that reason we need to be certain to OR what the Bible says, that's the only way to know if the doctrines come from God. 
  • Be Forgiving.                                                       A forgiving heart is another gift that doesn't come to us naturally, it's something that comes to us through practice. And we can practice forgiving people each and everyday. Once you cultivate this habit of doing so it becomes acquitted to you like every other good habit. 
  • Help where there is a need.                           As we are being wrapped up in our daily activities and problems, we should also focus on people around us and try to be sensitive on issues they may be going through. A kind word or gesture from you might be what will help them move forward.
  • Make sure your life is a power witness to others.                                                       Everyday, consider all your behaviours as benefits to others, for by this way you are indirectly doing the work of evangelism. People will be convinced if we practice what we preach. 
  • Admit your Sinfulness.                         Realizing our own sinful nature is another form of worship. It is a form of coming to an end of your self,  and also and also make it easier to forgive others. When doing this, don’t merely concentrate on specific past sins. Rather, focus on the overall state of your heart. That includes your evil and selfish desires, which reveal the true state of your heart. God sees what’s in your heart, no matter how righteous you or others may think you to be.
Hope we do put any of this things in practice? If not so we should try, for with this daily life will be perfect. 

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